About Us

The name of Ralli Singh glitters in golden memories of bengali heritage, the heritage of appreciating quality food and drinks, the culture of greeting the guests.

Ralli Singh perhaps is the pioneer to provide the middle–class people the luxurious exuberence of real sarbat. 110 years ago, this man started a journey with a dream to provide the world with a product that would one day be enjoyed by every household in India.

Ralli Singh & Grandsons has been serving The City of Joy for the last 110 years and represents one of the most reputable food products manufacturing company all over West Bengal.

The company has never restricted itself in innovating and developing new products, and the result of which is a product line of well over 50 products, all of which are successful in their respectful markets.

Syrups, or Sarbat as we call it in India , is our mother product, and has been appriciated by the consumers of Bengal for well over 100 years and the trend still continues. Our most successful Sarbat include our Rose Syrup, Khus Syrup, Kesaria Thandai, Kesaria Badam Syrup followed by our Fruit Based Syrups such as Lemon, Pineapple, Orange, Ripe Mango , Green Mango and more. Not only do they act as a refreshment when mixed with icy cold water , but they can also be added to milk to make Milkshakes for kids and used as a Topping over various desserts. They can also be used to prepare various Mocktails.

Pickles , a product found on every Indian Household dinner table. Adds that much needed zing to every food. Our pickles provides the same “As Grandmaa used to make” taste , while ensuring a perfect blend of quality hand picked raw materials and spices.

Breakfasts are boring without Jam, Kids love Jam and so do We! Put them between Biscuits or Slices of Bread … People even add them to Paranthas! Our Jams are made using modern hygenic techniques and provide a taste that makes your morning breakfast more enjoyable. With a variety of flavours available, there is something for almost everyone.

Vegetable Cutlets, Samosas, Fish Chop, Burger, Pizza they all need that side dip to add that missing taste. Our range of Tomato Sauce, Continental Sauce , Mustard Sauce are there to make your snacks enjoyable.

Our range of chinese sauces such as Vinegar, Green Chilli Sauce,Red Chilli Sauce, Momo Sauce, Soya Sauce are sure to make your chinese food preparation even better.